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Besides Patterns and Illustrations, I manage branding identity, advertising and communications projects, digital solutions and most recently interior design and home decoration for both private and public clients. If you need a personalised and original touch to your activity, if you want a custom-made collection or a unique piece, check the two services I propose and do not hesitate getting in contact with me.


Home Decoration Artworks

- Your Sea Home

Branding and Graphic Design

- La Cucina delle Zie

Latest Exhibitions

2020 (01/03 to 05/04)

"Motifs Noamdes" - Sound and Textile Design Exposition

Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour


"Le café est servi" - Original Paintings Exposition

Parcour des Artistes - Brussels

2011 and 2012

"Trolls et Bestioles" - Illustration Exposition

Museum of Fantastic Arts - Brussels

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